Ways to Walk in London by Alice Stevenson

Ways to Walk in London
by Alice Stevenson
a book review

Have to give a mention to this wonderful illustrated book I came across recently. If you love London (and what are you doing reading this blog if you don’t!) you will love this book. Alice Stevenson is an well-known illustrator and designer who for the last few years has been taking walks all over the capital. In this book she describes these walks and what she sees, hears and feels along the way and to this adds her own original and beautiful illustrations.

The walks, some long treks and others shorter ambles, take her to both popular city walking places (like Hyde Park, Richmond and Highgate Cemetery) and to some less well-known London locations (like Hendon, Shadwell Basin and St Thomas’s graveyard in Hackney). To the famous sights Alice Stevenson gives her own distinctive viewpoint and to the unusual places she throws much deserved light on some unsung corners of the capital. Her skill lies in her ability to convey, in words and images, the mood and essence of these places, whether they are familiar to you or not.
This book encouraged me to get out from behind the desk and use Shanks’ pony to see more of this extraordinary city I am proud to call home.

Ways to Walk in London
Hidden Places and New Perspectives
by Alice Stevenson

Alice Stevenson’s website: http://alicestevenson.com

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