Amador Montes at The Atrium Gallery

Amador Montes: El Otro Muro (The Other Wall)
The Atrium Gallery
LSE Arts public exhibition
24th August to 25th September 2015

2015 is both The Year of Mexico in the UK and, with pleasing neatness, The Year of the UK in Mexico. Together the two countries are promoting the best each has to offer across art, culture, science, the academic sector, business and tourism with a huge number of conferences, exhibitions, concerts and events throughout the year.

As part of The Year of Mexico in the UK, the LSESU Mexican Society and the Mexican Embassy in the UK together with LSE Arts are putting on an exhibition entitled The Other Wall (El Otro Muro) by Mexican artist Amador Montes. The title refers to the wall that divides Mexico and the United States. In the exhibition Montes looks at the wall as a physical divide that is not only a border and barrier for people but also for many animal species. In this way, Montes addresses the concept of migration, seeing it as a natural process for both animals and humans.

As the centrepiece of the exhibition, Montes has created 15 independent changeable panels that utilise a number of different techniques such as oil painting, drips, sgraffito and enamels. The “other wall” of these panels presents the wall as more than a physical obstacle, seeing it as a blank canvas and a space for public expression.

The exhibition can be seen from Monday 24th August to Friday 25th September 2015

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10am-8pm

Admission: FREE

Atrium GalleryThe-Other-Wall-Logo3200x98
Old Building 
London School of Economics and Political Science 
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE


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